Save Money on Online Booking Hotel and Airplane Ticket With VPN

Travelling can be can be an exhilarating experience, especially if you can find an affordable means to travel or some way that you can cut off the costs. This will enable you to save money that you can use to buy something on your trip or use it in some other way that will be much more fun. Thanks to the power of technology that gave birth to the internet; we now don’t need to physically go for bookings and reservations. This applies to both hotels and airplane ticket.
This technological advancement has not only brought the ease of booking tickets and hotel rooms; it has given us an opportunity to save a little bit of some expenses which we would have spent if we went to book physically.We shall see throughout article, the way by which one may save some cash during the process of booking a hotel and flights on the internet.

When booking flights and hotel reservations using the internet, the comparison websites usually use some tools in your device to identify your location for pricing purpose. Now if you could be able to manipulate these tools, we would be able to find locations which save us money when identified by the site. For example; if you would book an airplane from its home country, you would be charged a better price compared to booking from a different country. Same applies to hotel reservations. You have to, first of all, understand that there is a variation of prices based on the location you are, this is the key factor that will undertake the whole process we shall be discussing in this article.

Before we proceed to the “how” lets first see how these comparison sites pick up your location;

Cookies; Usually cookies do keep the history of your browsing activities, so when you keep searching for things on the internet over and over, the comparison websites will be able to trace your location and price your inquiry based on it.

IP Address; Also known as the internet protocol, this is among the easiest ways the comparison sites can use to trace your location. Using this address, the sites will trace you when you are booking and price you accordingly.

Mobile Tracking; This is due to the GPS feature which is usually in the devices, such as smartphones, Tablets, which usually displays the current location of the device. This will cause the comparison websites to trace your location, so you won’t be able to switch to the location with preferably low cost.

The use of HTML5 Code; when coding using your pc, the comparison sites can use the HTML5 code to trace your location. This means location cheats cannot be used to skip costs and save money.

Using Wi-Fi; when given access to use the wireless network you should know that, the comparison sites can trace your location through the Wi-Fi network.
It is important, therefore, if you want to save some money when booking airplane tickets and hotels you should consider the currency in which you are paying with, as well as the point of sale. You will find that someone in a different country, is paying for the same airplane, going to the same location, but will pay a little lower than the location you are. This also applies to booking hotel reservations as well. It best there to hide my ip location by using VPN, when browsing using your device.

Lets now look at the tips to use VPN in saving money on online booking hotel and airplane ticket

Try to browse from a low-income country; when browsing use, you VPN feature to set the IP address of a low-income country. For instance, when you are in India paying for an air ticket. The amount you pay will differ from the amount you would pay if you were booking from the USA. Everything else will be the same including the timing and so forth. It is certain that you won’t save a lot of money, but at least you will be saving something.

Set your location to the home country of the airline/hotel; Changing the location to the home country of the airline/hotel when booking will save some money. Since the prices of the home country always differ to the prices paid by international travelers. Again this won’t save you tonnes of money, but you will have some change, which you could use it for lunch or dinner on your trip.

Plan your traveling dates carefully; When booking for the airplane you should be careful on a particular day you plan on traveling .it is said that some days of the week pay less than others for the same plane and even the same destination. This applies to booking airplane tickets.

Try different options; When booking your airplane/hotel using this method, don’t stick to one option only. Try different kind of flights and different kind of hotel until you find that perfect option which will save more.

Use tools like google flight when using this method; Google flight enables you to search for different flight prices based on the date of travel. You will find low prices for the same destination, with a difference in the dates of travel. This applies to airplane ticket booking.

These are some of the best tips to consider when using vpn to save money in booking for airplane tickets and also hotel reservations. You might be asking yourself about the legality of using this method to save money. The answer is that the airplane companies and even the hotels have no problem at all with you. This is just one of the skills you can learn and use to save yourself some money. You can try it for yourself. Go for best rated vpn and see how things are going to work out for you, try in booking tickets or hotel reservation or both of them. Remember to be careful with those features the comparison sites use to detect your location; it’s only then you will be able to apply the method effectively.